iPhone 8 release date: At least some premium phone models will be ready for launch, suggest Apple earnings


Apple will release its new iPhone next month and have at least some handsets ready when it does, its latest earnings suggest.

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Many of those features seem to involve new manufacturing techniques that experts had worried would lead to a limited supply of the new handset. Many had suggested that the phone wouldn’t be available for a few weeks after its September launch date – while some even said the phone might not be available in significant numbers until nearer Christmas or into 2018.

But Apple’s guidance appeared to be optimistic about the number of phones it’s going to make. There is no significant dip predicted in the amount of handsets it will sell next quarter – significant given any delay could cause huge drops in sales – in keeping with generally optimistic guidance all round.

. Apple does have other big products coming out in that same period – including the debut of its HomePod smart speaker – but since Apple’s revenues are made up overwhelmingly of iPhone sales, it’s likely that any improvement will come from the same source.

Tim Cook also seemed to suggest there wouldn’t be any major problems after the launch period, in interviews conducted around the results. “We’ve put everything we know into coming up with the guidance…we really like what we see for the beginning of the back-to-school season,” he told Bloomberg.

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