Meet the young couple who converted ex-postal van into motorhome for just £500 to travel the world in


A 26-year-old British woman and her 23-year-old Australian boyfriend have set off to travel the world after spending £500 revamping an ex-postal van.

Kate Quinn and Benny Leyland began their journey in Dover and have since passed through France and Spain twice, Morocco, Portugal and Mallorca.

They are currently roaming the streets of Amsterdam.


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The couple have been documenting their travels via , where the bio reads “Never lost if you don’t know where you’re going.”


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Their journey-of-a-lifetime began when Quinn joined Leyland on a work trip and they jokingly remarked that they could travel the world in a van, after spending five hours in one together.


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Inspired by deep dives into Pinterest’s endless travel boards, the pair set off in their red van – named Pat – which the savvy DIY duo kitted out with materials they’d bought on Ebay.

“Overall, living in the van is amazing, it opens up a whole world of possibilities that aren’t accessible with other forms of travel,” Quinn told , explaining that this mobile way of travelling has enabled them to camp in off-the-beaten-track areas such as secluded beaches in Northern Spain.


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She explained that both her and her boyfriend have fully embraced the stripped-back simplicities of downsized living, praising the ease at which they’re able to pull over at any point to take a nap or go surfing.

“The best thing about this is the freedom,” she continued. “Picking somewhere on a map and driving there with no real idea what it will be like is incredibly exciting.”

That’s not to say things have been totally peachy along the way. When they arrived in Portugal their van’s starter motor broke and their laptops were stolen.

However, such hiccups haven’t deterred the wanderlust duo, who plan to visit Belgium next and eventually travel round Asia once they’ve saved up enough money.


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